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An Insider View on Paid-to-Click (PTC) Web Site Business

On the Internet, a Paid-to-Click (or PTC) Web site is usually a site owned by an individual or small group of business people. Such a Web site will offer to the public, cash in return for joining and viewing advertisers business or social sites and for a period of time. This is usually 15-30 seconds each time. Advertisers will pay the owners of these sites by purchasing inexpensive advertisement offers from them. The owners will in turn show these advertisements to their members and pay them cash for doing so.
Most of the Paid-to-Click Web sites have free to join principles. There is no cost to become a member. For example, there is no cost to join Bag Lady Clicks PTC Site. However, although it is free to join at most sites, at some members may not receive a payment unless they are premium or upgraded members. This sometimes cost about US$1.00 or up to US$10.00 per month. If a member if not a premium member, then any cash earned from viewing ads will have to be used by the member to buy advertising from the site owners.
If a member is an upgraded premium member, then the benefits will depend on his or her level of daily participation. Some members at some of the well established PTC Sites may earn $3.00 to $5.00 or more daily. From participation in the manual surf click exchange program, for example, and the click and view ads system, paid to read emails program, completing surveys and guaranteed sign-up offers, games and many others, anyone can earn easy cash daily. When a member has reached a minimum payout or withdrawal limit (as set by the site owners or administrators) he or she can request their payment. This is done manually or automatically using Paypal or Alertpay secure payment procedures online.
With some websites, members are also paid to refer new members and are paid a percentage of the benefits earned by these persons. That is done when the new members earn cash from participation or pay for upgrades to premium memberships. In some cases, members can buy referrals from the site owners. That is, if a person joins without being referred by a current active member of the same website, then that person is automatically placed on a list of members who were not referred and hence not under a member down-line membership.
That in turn gives the Site Administrator an opportunity to sell or offer for sale to the public, non- referral members for a determined and agreed cost per person. When someone makes a purchase of a referral in this manner, they will receive all the benefits that another person would if they had referred that person and he or she became a member of their down-line. This Referral System is a unique way for the Site owners to earn business income.
Advertisers at PTC Sites are usually small business owners on the Internet. They will join a site as a regular free member, but will function specifically as an advertiser by buying advertising from the owners. Some examples of advertising offers are direct country target ads, manual surf click exchange ads, click and view ads, paid to read emails or advertisements, completing surveys ads, guaranteed sign-ups or cash to join a program, jackpots and games, and many others. This is how PTC Websites owner will earn a bulk of the business advertising income online.
Paid-to-Click Website owners have to receive advertisers’ business cash to pay their members in return. Some may have additional advertisements from AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Yahoo and others on their sites to earn more. But it is from advertisers business that they essentially earn cash. Some regular members eventually become advertisers themselves.
At some PTC Sites, there are games and jackpots. These must be legal and according to Internet business rules and laws in a State or Country. Many times, it is after a member joins a PTC Site that they will discover the full extent of this point. Some will remain a member and participate while others will leave.
An essential caution has to be made about some PTC Sites. There are more fraudulent sites on the Internet than genuine ones. So everyone who is interested in becoming a member or doing advertising business with a PTC Site must know this fact. More information about this can be received at: and online.
Therefore, a Paid-to-Click (PTC ) Website Business can be genuine. Some are operated with online proficiency or in a very professional manner, while others are just fraudulent sites. The benefits to members are very good at times if the site membership is large or growing fast. Advertisers in turn can reach customers directly and effectively for a low cost. They can monitor their spending and returns online. So for both members and advertisers, there are good benefits. The Paid-to-Click (PTC) Websites owners will also gain real business income.

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