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How to Activate Your iPhone

Now that you’ve brought yourself an Apple iPhone, activation is easier than other PDAs and even cellphones with an online opportunity. Apple and AT T; offer an efficient and speedy activation process, letting you get started with your new toy (ahem) ‘business necessity’ in a flash. The moment you pull it out of the package, take a quick tour of the owner’s manual for basic information, then jump online for the activation process. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
iPhone Activation
1. Download and install iTunes 7.3. This is mandatory, and you’ll need enough disk space on your hard drive to make this successful.
2. Connect the iPhone dock to your computer, and set your iPhone into it (you’ll have to stop fiddling with it for a few minutes). The moment the dock is recognized, the iTunes installation will show up on your screen. Click ‘continue.’
3. Identify yourself as an existing or new AT T; wireless customer
4. Now you’ll have an option to create a new number for your iPhone, or transfer an existing AT T; number for the phone. Fill out the form for a transfer, or create a brand new one. Keep in mind that a transfer can take about 6 hours to complete but you will still be able to make calls.
5. Select the service plan that best suits your needs; the most cost-effective plan is the $79.99 per month, where you’ll receive 900 minutes and unlimited night and weekends minutes. All plans include free mobile-to-mobile minutes. Click continue.
6. Setup a username and password to register your Apple ID/iTunes Account. If you already have one, simply enter it into the fields.
7. Confirm your billing information; iTunes Accounts will ask you for your birthdate and verify your billing address.
8. Review the terms and conditions page; it’s only two pages long, and includes all information about using Google maps, YouTube, and downloading music. Check the box when you agree, then click continue.
9. Do a final check of your billing information and rate plan, and make sure it’s everything you needed. The one-time activation fee of $36 will be included in your total. After you click submit, AT T; will run a credit check so make sure everything is accurate.
10. After everything is complete, you’ll be taken to the ‘Congratulations’ screen. Your new iPhone phone number will be displayed, and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the one you registered with. Click continue.
You’ll be led back to the main page, and can now sync your iPhone; this will allow you to import contacts, music from your desktop, any calendars, and even videos that you’ve downloaded. Syncing your iPhone will quickly become a habit, and you’ll be able to do it easily without having to enter in all your login information once it’s stored.
And you’re done! Enjoy your new gadget with ease, and keep in mind that you can always login with your iPhone registration for tech support and billing questions.

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