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Dungeon Village – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Welcome a new mayor to the dungeon village in , let’s build the city of dream where all heroes must be stopped and visit the city. Building facilities such as a weapon shop, training ground to empower heroes in this village. Once all gears are ready, let the heroes explore around the village, unlocking loots from a dungeon and beating some epic monsters to grasp some cash for you.

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Firstly, I would like to inform that Dungeon Village is the game for idevice(especially iphone, but you can play it on your IPAD with the minimized screen) but since the game is really impressed me so I would like to write some review for it.

Dungeon Village is published by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd (the publisher of the almighty sims game like “GameDev Story”), this time they create the sims games based on the world of the rpg game. Many of us may experienced to be the hero in the RPG game, For example in final fantasy VII, Skyrim or the almighty Ragnarok. The village is the only place where you can resupply and continue your journey. Dungeon Village will let you be the mayor of the village which are surrounded by monsters. You cannot fight the monster your self, reinforcing the heroes with the facilities and stuffs, growing the village to the 5 Stars city!

I could say that Dungeon Village is the sims game in the middle of the rpg world. The major tasks of the game can be divided into 3 tasks,

1. Build: Build a facilities such as , training ground, archery range, weapon shop or armor shop. You will obtain some money from heroes who visit these facilities. Each building will have a unique purpose, for example the heroes will grant more strength from a training ground, the heroes can refill their HP by visiting an inn. More facilities will be unlocked according to the number of your promoted stars ( You will obtain each star when your village meets the government’s requirements).

2.Adventure: Quests are the life fulfillment things for every heroes. There will be so many quests around the village, you can use this option to recruit hero to do some quests. Once the quest is finished, heroes will come back to your town with some loots, these items will also unlocked in the armor/weapon shop as well, let’s visit break through dungeons to unlock new gears and stuffs. Moreover you can reward the hero who does a very good job in the battle! by giving him some new equipments.

3.Manage: You can upgrade the star of your city with this option, the government will give the condition to upgrade the village, once you achieve all of them it’s time to enlarge the city. Once the village is upgraded, you can buy new facilities from the shop using the “village” points.

In conclusion, Dungeon Village is the great quality game. If you ever had a bad experience on some sims games, this one is recommended. Dungeon Village offers a very simple system for the sims game, you can understand every single parts of the system even you’re a child. With a cute 8-bit graphic but still contains every details of of the RPG games, you will love to see the battle between heroes and monsters. There are so many secret loots and unlock stuffs, the player can send their warrior to a dungeon to find some epic stuffs. to beat some strong monsters. By the way,this game is single player only, it should be some town sharing feature to share some progress with your friend.

I would like to rate this game as 4.5/5 STARS (GREAT FUN! GRASP IT!)

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