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Kindle Fire Angry Birds Seasons Review

Angry Birds Seasons Review- Review Introduction

This is a review of Angry Birds Seasons- Kindle Fire edition. Published by Rovio Entertainment, Ltd., Angry Birds Seasons is priced at $0.99 and is rated 3.0 stars with almost 500 customer reviews.

Angry Birds Seasons Review- Main Takeaways

A few days ago, tarzanphan and I covered the basics of how to play Angry Birds. Rather than cover again what we have discussed in our previous review, today we’re just going to discuss what the differences are between Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry Birds Seasons is broken into two different years: 2011 and 2012. Every few months, the development team releases a new ‘Season” episode for us to play.

In 2011, they had many episodes to choose from:

Trick or Treat

Season’s Greedings

Hogs and Kisses

Go Green, Get Lucky

Easter Eggs

Summer Pignic

Moon Festival

In 2012, so far they have had fewer seasons, but have chosen different ones to highlight:

Ham’o’ween and Wreck the Halls

Year of the Dragon and Cherry Blossom

Each ‘Season’ is a standalone episode, with the same rules that apply to the regular Angry Birds games, with the same birds as in the regular games as well. You must complete each level to move on to the next. There are two exceptions to this rule:

Winter Holiday Seasons- Each winter holiday episode is special. Starting on December 1, a new level is unlocked each day. You do not have to have passed the previous level in order to move on to the next day’s level. However, this also means if you get 3 stars on the first level on December 1, you can’t move on to the next until it becomes available on December 2.

Year of the Dragon- In 2012′s Chinese New Year episode, they added an awesome feature- the Mighty Dragon. You can use the Mighty Dragon once per hour to ‘beat’ the level for you. You do not earn any stars for beating a level with the dragon, but you can move on to the next level. You also have the goal of earning 100% clearance by the dragon for alternate high scores on levels where you use it.

There is one Golden Egg in each individual season that you can unlock, and those will be shown on each Season’s page after you earn it. There are also specialty levels you can unlock at the end of each season by earning 3 stars on all levels in the episode.

Angry Birds Seasons Review- Conclusion and Overall Rating

While I like Angry Birds Seasons for the variety of challenges, this is probably my least favorite variation. Some of the levels are very difficult to beat, and I hate that I get stuck on them for so long. I think they got the right idea when they added the Mighty Dragon in for the Chinese New Year in 2012, but I wish they had continued that on. I’ll continue to play the Seasons, but they only get 3.5 stars from me.

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