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RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ LCD HDTV review

RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ LCD HDTV is the new high definition television that is in the market costing 429 dollars for which the user gets the television, remote control for the television, power cable and stands for mounting. However, walmart put the HDTV on sale at $399 on Black Friday. The screen size of RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ LCD HD Television measures 37 inches approximately. The display technology used by the manufacturer for building this television is LCD technology, but still the width of the television is more than that of the other LCD televisions that are in the market as it measures close to 11.2 inches.

The height of this television measures 25 inches and length is 35.7 inches. The contrast ratio is only 3000 : 1 which is also less compared to the contrast ration that is provided by other televisions that are in the market. The maximum resolution that can be supported by this television is 1366 x 768 pixels. Thus it lacks the capabilities to display full high resolution videos, to be simple it lacks the capabilities to produce the full feel that HD technologies can provide. It can only decode 720p HD content. The brightness offered by RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ HD Television measures 450 Candela per sqaure metre. The response time also is pretty high compared to the other televisions in market as it is measuring 6.5 milli seconds.

RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ HDTV weighs around 41 pounds and there are no advanced features that are supported in this television. However there is 3D combo filter in place and there is an inbuilt digital tuner that can tune to ATSC / NTSC signals. The viewing angle both in horizontal and vertical measure only 176 degrees which is also less because there are other LCD HD televisions in market which provide the user a viewing angle of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

The dynamic contrast ratio which allows the television to change the contrast dynamically and does it automatically is 10000 : 1 for this television. The dynamic contrast ratio is also less compared to other digital televisions that are in the market. There are no built in wireless adopter or Ethernet port which can allow the television to became a medium for the user to connect to Internet or there is not DLNA compliance so there is no chance of setting up a small network in the user’s house. Since the response time is slow there wont be any good feel while playing games on this television and also the video resolution is not as good as the others. There is warranty coverage for a year from date of purchase. RCA 37″ Class 37LA30RQ HDTV is a simple cost effective choice for people who want LCD high definition television but with little bit of compensation on the performance.

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