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What registering a website does for you

Before you get web hosting, it is a good idea to learn about the different types of web hosting platforms that are available on the general market. Aside from the many different brands that you will run into, you will also have to decide on the resources that you need as well as the type of server that you want to be hosted on. These decisions are especially important for small businesses and hard ups that do not have millions of dollars in their marketing budget to spend on the biggest and best. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives even for companies that are not established on the Internet.

The first type of arrangement that most businesses should consider is the shared server shared servers are great for small businesses and startups who do not have a large audience. These websites do not have a need for a great deal of web resources; therefore, they will not have to pay a great deal of money to a network server. I the downside to the servers is that just as the resources are shared, so are the negative effects of any malicious occurrences on the server. This means that it is server gets a virus, all of the websites that are on the server will be affected by the virus. Is usually not acceptable for a business that has a constant stream of customers coming in and cannot afford for those customers to see a portal for spring.

For these companies that are more established, a virtual private server is the better option. Although the website will still be physically hosted on a shared server, through the technology of virtualization each website will be sectioned off as if it were on its own dedicated server. This provides protection from viruses that hit other parts of the server. It also gives a website access to scalable resources that can grow with the company. There is no need for a company to switch services when it experiences a spike in traffic based on growth or based on seasonal changes.

A dedicated server is the most expensive option of the three options that are presented here. However, a dedicated server is the most safe as well as the most technologically advanced server within these models. Although there are models that are even more technologically advanced than the dedicated server, most businesses will not have need for those unless they are enterprise-level corporations.

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