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The Power of Combining Energies

In working with so many people and being a part of their journey gives me something I truly can share energetically with a client. Being an EFT practitioner gives me a front row seat in being a part of miracle after miracle. I have seen hundreds of people release pain both physical and emotional. I have seen relationships healed and brought back together and if they were not meant to, I have witnessed people who have hated each other make peace and separate in a energy of gratefulness and love. I’m telling ya, this being an EFT practitioner is such a great gig.

My aim is to bring all these successes I hold in consciousness to share with people in a Energy therapy session. People may have been wrestling with or suffering over painful issues since childhood. It is hard to have faith when you have had little or no success over something that has been with you for years, even your whole life. In working with someone like me who refuses to see or know anything but successes and wholesomeness for their client brings in and allows for the energy of empowering change to be embodied.

Many clients have shared with me the worst things they have ever done or their deepest, darkest secrets, waiting in horror of my reaction. My reaction is usually waiting for it to be a lot worse than it actually is and thinking what is the big deal. Short of pre meditated murder I have heard it all (more like lived it all). Lucky for me I have talked to so many people from all walks of life and I have found we all have flaws, insecurities and suffered failures. It has driven the belief home to me that it is all part of the process of life and essential to our growth. This means it is all forgivable and at our essence, innocent. In working in a session I ask what love would do here and the answer is to see all people as innocent regardless. My faith and knowingness in a session combined with even the slightest willingness from a client moves mountains.

I invite you to combine your energies with me, Members of Phoenix Rising EFT or someone who you know that can see past your flaws to the perfect innocent thought of the universe that you are, and work together with this ingenious energy therapy and make miracles. Please visit me at:

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