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The Difference Between a Tool and a Crutch

Running a professional services business is hard. Running a successful one is even harder.

It’s not like you can put a little offer together and then sit back and watch the clients roll in.

It doesn’t work that way and yet that’s what I see people, my clients, do all of the time.

And I am going to take a bold stand here and blame all of this passive marketing nonsense on computers. Those 8 pound boxes (or 8 ounce rectangles) that house the fabulous Internet provide introverts with a sense of security, extroverts with a 24/7 audience and millions of solo professional service providers with the misguided belief that you can sit back, write a little, tweet a little, email a little and voila a multi-million dollar business is yours for the taking. (Okay so I’ll also blame a sense of entitlement, laziness, get rich quick scammers, and a deep desire to do as little as possible just to play fair.)

Obviously having access to the Internet is wonderful. Without it I’m pretty sure I never would have started my business; however, for many people it has become nothing more than a crutch and when you start to think of your business as an Internet or online business rather than a business that uses the Internet and computer as just another tool, then your road from struggling to sitting pretty may take a lot longer than you think.

My friend and Mojo Marketing partner Chris Garrett and I were talking this morning and he said something so fitting. He’s moving from the UK to Calgary in 4 short weeks and because he made a decision not to take on any more clients in recent months so that he could put his energy toward some other projects he’s feeling a bit of anxiety knowing that he’s going to be paying for 2 houses in very short order. So, he said, “As soon as I get to Calgary I’m going to have to get off the plane and start shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies.” Notice, he didn’t say he was going to get off the plane and send a few tweets and some emails.

That’s because Chris thinks about his business like it’s a business. He knows he has to get out there, show his face, talk to people, get known and recognized in his community as someone with serious solutions. And he’ll do it because the alternative is not an option.

Sure, I have made very good money by some of the things I have done online as I am sure you have too; however, the best money I have made and the best visibility I have received came from getting in front of people in very strategic ways. That doesn’t mean just showing up at events and being a passive taker inner of all of the information. It means seeing if you can get on stage, get a role, stand out, host a dinner, etc. It means reaching out to people you think you could help and not allowing the preservation of your ego to trump your need and desire to get more clients. It means choosing your niche in a deliberate, well thought out and logical way rather than just picking what sounds fun and interesting and then building an entire website and brand before you even know if anyone would ever spend the kind of money you want to earn. It means talking to people in your target market, speaking in your local community, sticking with something, selling your programs and services consistently and going balls to the wall no matter what. That’s how really successful professional services businesses grow.

I know because I have seen it with myself and I’ve seen it with the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with. No matter who you are, you won’t sell if you don’t sell. The good news is “selling” comes in lots of shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone.

And, getting over selling shame is something Chris and I feel pretty strongly about so we are going to talk all about it in a free webinar we’re doing tomorrow. Plus a whole lot of other great stuff to help you get the kind of business you want by thinking about it in a whole new way.

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