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Drive More Traffic from WordPress Twitter Plugin

Have you read our old posts in which I told you that seo is nothing without social sharing, backlinks and advertisements. If not then read our guide.
How Top Blogs are Getting their Traffic?Now it’s time to tell you how to increase your blog traffic using twitter. It’s simple and easy way to increase traffic. To do this you have to download a plugin which will help you in increasing your blog traffic.

Have you ever read that tweeting old posts help increasing traffic even when you are not publishing old content. Want to see an example then see wpbeginner twitter account. You will see that wpbeginner regularly repost their old articles.
If you have read over guide on how top blogs are getting traffic then you may know that how many visitors you can get if you are only depended on search engines. Resharing your old posts helps you to keep your posts everlasting. Do you want to see your old posts dying. How you can tell your readers about your old posts. Do you think that your reader will automatically see your old post when he will come to your website. Are you out of sense. You should keep reposting your post on all social media accounts you are using. In this article I will show you how to repost your articles using twitter plugin. You may have already heard these methods before. If you already know about reposting and you are using reposting. Then why you are wasting your time, you can stop reading. Why spending your time on reading articles which you already know.
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Before starting I suggest you to read our guides I am sure that you will not found these articles on any other blog. I shared my experience in these articles. I hope you will like these articles too.
Have you listened about Tweet Plugin before. Yeah it was the plugin which I was talking about. Which help you to keep your old articles everlasting on social media.
Why to Use Tweet Wheel Plugin
Have you ever used Coschedule Headline Analyzer. It is used to check post title score. I sometimes use this if I have many titles in my mind for the same post. We will share guide for this Headline Analyzer too. You can subscribe us  to stay updated to our new posts.
If you ask me that why I am discussing this to you in this post. So there is a reason behind this. The reason is that this helps to make our title better which is more readable and user find it meaningful because they easily understand what the post is about. However it is possible that  users will not found what you are talking about in your title.
Last day I was wondering to share same articles using different titles. By using this technique may be your user find that it may be another article which may have more information about the same article which he already read.
For this purpose I found the plugin which is known as Tweet Wheel Plugin in the Market. You will be glad to know that Tweet Wheel Plugin is free. But there is something in Tweet Wheel you may don’t like. It is that to enjoy PRO features you have to get PRO version from their official website. If you want the PRO version then you can click here.
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Features of Tweet Wheel
You don’t need to to share your content via Tweet Wheel. It will automatically share your old posts on Twitter.If you want to insert Featured Image with your shared link then you must have PRO features.Tweet Wheel supports template feature which allows you to add different titles for the same post.Tweet Wheel also allows URL Shortner. URL shortner is useful because it hide your long ugly URL. You know most of the users don’t click on long ugly links they think that it is spam.You can schedule automatic sharing on Twitter Wheel.You can also add Custom Post in queue which you want to share on twitter.You can also add your latest published post in queue which you don’t want to share at the time of publish.Tweet Wheel Plugin has in built hashtag analytics.How to Use Tweet Wheel Plugin
After installing Tweet Wheel Plugin you can edit settings for Tweet Wheel. To configure settings you need to go Queues » Settings.
Connect you Twitter Account with Tweet Wheel and select what type of posts you want to share via tweet.Then select user roles. Selecting user role will allow Tweet Wheel to tweet articles posted by that user role.After selecting you can Go to Queues Settings where you can start configuring auto  sharing.You can add different settings for every queue you add.
You can also use “BULK” to select all posts.
After adding posts to queue there is need to schedule the post sharing.After When tweet is done you must add it in queue again if you think that it is most liked article.Also Read  Are you Annoyed of Web Analytics?

Scheduling Post to Auto Share
The feature that I liked the most in Tweet Wheel is that it is easier to share post automatically at equal intervals.
I selected “Every 5 minutes” to share old posts.
Template Feature
The most important feature of this plugin that allows you to change title of the same post to share it again and again.

You can add multiple titles in templates which you want to use as title.
Download Tweet Wheel Plugin Free  or Download Tweet Wheel Plugin PRO
If this article is proved beneficial for you then share it to your friends and people you know who are blogging. To asks any question comment below.

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