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7 golden rules to create a perfect domain name for your professional blog

There are certain rules to follow if you want to create a perfect domain name for your pro blog. This is the second step in your guide to pro blogging after you choose a web hosting. Please note that a domain name is created forever, you can’t change it. So, do take extra attention.

1. Domain Name isn’t Your Name

I don’t know why people decide their own name as their domain name or the name of the blog. People who own a personal blog usually use their name as a domain name or name of their blog. The topic of their blog is EVERYTHING. If you start a professional blog, you can’t just blog about everything. You must focus on one topic only.

2. Domain Name must be a Mirror of Your Blog Topic

It’s best to create a domain name that reflects your topic or your keywords. If your blog topic is about baby, you can include baby as a domain name. People will have an idea of your blog topic just by seeing your domain name. If you go for generic name “baby, babies, bebe” the domain names are probably taken. So you shall add another word or your trademark. Your keyword can be a domain name too. For example:

* My Precious Baby – you add a word in front of the word baby
* Mia Baby – I add a name in front of the word baby. It’s a trademark. Please don’t add your long name, a nickname will be fine.
* Baby Development – your keywords as a domain name.

Anyhow, use your creativity to create a perfect domain name for your pro blog.

3. Give Your Domain Name a Simple Name

Your Domain Name must be a simple name so that people remember your blog easily. You can use 2 word or up to 4 words for domain name but you must keep them simple and easy to remember.

4. Use English Language for Your Domain Name

If you want to market your pro blog globally, it is best to use English words as your domain name.

5. Register Your Domain Name with Dot Com

Dot com or .com is used worldwide, so it is best choice to register with .com. What if your preferred name is taken? You can go for 2nd choice, dot net or .net.

6. “The, My, A, and” Forms and Plurals for Domain Name

“The, My, A” forms and plurals are tricks to add in domain name if the name itself is already taken. For example: is not available. You can create domain name with other forms such as The Baby, My Baby, A Baby, Baby and Me or The Babies.

7. Hyphens in Domain Name

You can use one hyphen in your domain name. Too many hyphens in your domain name will confuse people. It is better to use: rather than

In conclusion, use these 7 golden rules above to create a perfect and unique domain name for your professional bog. Do ask opinions from your friends or your partner before you register your domain name.

Look for web hosting providers that provide domain name registration. At In Motion Web Hosting, you can click “register domain” at the right corner top. There is a domain search box which you can type your domain name and then click “Submit”. When the domain name is taken, you will have suggestions of other domain names available or you can use alternative domain names that you prepare. Please note that once domain name is registered, you may change it within 5 days.

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