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Marriage Help Custody Case


When a divorce happens, the couple who were once friends and lovers may now be uncomfortable around each other. The end of a marriage does not mean that everyone is happy in agreement. If there were children then there may be a very tiring custody battle. Then the parents are left to wonder if another marriage will assist the child custody case.

The first thing to note is that the only qualified person to give you advice on child custody case is that of a lawyer. There is a difference in each case. There are different laws as one goes to a different area. You should always seek legal advice form the hired lawyer for the custody case.

When a custody case reaches court, the best interest of the children or child is the judge’s main concern. The judge usually takes into consideration the child’s needs and age. There are times when a second marriage can help show a more stable environment, but this does not happen all the time. If one of the parents cannot find a suitable and stable home for the family then the decision may be made much easier. The judge may want to place the child in a stable or married couple home as they are seeking the best environment for the child. In this case, marriage would help.

On the other hand it may not help your case if you are in a major child custody case and then you come to the courtroom with a new wife or husband, who the child knows nothing about. It would not be advisable to have a marriage in this case, as the new marriage may add more problems than solutions here.

Parents really love their children. All parents would like to have the advantage in a case where there is a divorce. Even if you believe that a second marriage may help the situation or it may not help it is not advisable to get another marriage at this time. The second marriage should start off good. You may need to address the concerns of your child. If you keep these things in mind, you can avoid a lot of trouble in the future between your new spouse, or the child or children.

Second marriages, especially those involving children, usually have larger failure rates than the first marriage. It may come to obtaining marriage help for this marriage if you cannot make do with the situation at hand. If you do not rush into a second marriage then you can avoid marriage help in the future. Do not just do this so that you can look good in the judge’s eyes, because you are looking to gain some advantage.

All relationships need attention and time. If your children and you are caught up in a custody battle, the time may not be right to look into a new wife or husband. If you do this you will increase the chances of needing marriage help in the future.

If you are in a serious relationship during this time, you can consider pre-marriage help. If you get some good counseling before your wedding, this can help significantly in the new relationship or marriage with your new partner. The judge may be happy to see that you are patient and not rushing to get married again during this period. If you take all these steps you can greatly improve the outcome for everyone involved.

If you really want to go through with the second marriage with the idea that it will help you with the custody then you can discuss this with the lawyer. Ask if the marriage will help the case or not. The outcome may depend on a lot of factors.

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