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Clash of Clans Hack


Clash of Clans Hack was not an easy task for us. We didn’t sleep many nights and we continuously tried to develop working Clash of Clans Cheats. After a tons of Failures and Hard Work, we finally Achieved our Goal.

On 25 Dec, One of our Team member become very excited, and we were just thinking what happened that he is that much excited. Then we asked him what happened, why is he so happy? “WE DID IT” he replied , then he just simply showed us that he Hacked into Clash of Clans and he has 9 lakh Green Gems in his Clash of Clans Game account. For once, we all thought that he is kidding with all of us. We thought he should be showing us some Offline Clash of Clans Hack available on Internet. Then he just grabbed one of our Team member’s mobile, Connected it with his Laptop and did that “MAGIC”. He added 9 lakh Free Gems to our Team Member’s COC account. Our whole team gets Excited and at the night , we celebrated this Goal that we achieved after doing hard work for Months.

Next Day, we started to Develop the Clash of Clans Hack Tool. As the original COC Hack tool was having some bugs like Unexpected Crashes, Heavy CPU Usage, Sometimes the Gems were not added to the Game account. With all these bugs our Clash of Clans Cheats tool was not yet ready to be published on the Web. We’re Little Disappointed, as we’re unable to show our Hard work. We spend the whole day working on our Clash of Clans Hacking script to make it more stable and bug free and till night many bugs were Fixed. Our next target was to create a GUI based Windows and MAC Application. As, the original Clash of Clans Hack app was console based and it was not easy to be operated by a noob who don’t have that type of knowledge. So, next day we developed a GUI Based app using Visual Basic that anyone can use on their Windows PC or Laptop with ease. The MAC version will be launched soon.

Before publishing the Clash of Clans Hack app on the Web, we’ve personally Tested it on many Android and iOS Devices and we found the Tool Working fine. What are you getting is our Hard Work that we did for months.


* In Android smartphones, USB Debugging must be Turned ON. Else the hack will not work. If you don’t know how to Turn it on, then first Google it.
* ADB Drivers are required to perform the Hack, Don’t worry our Clash of Clan Hack Tool includes ADB Drivers.
* If you want to use this Hack on iPhone, iPad or iPod then Jailbreak is required. The hack doesn’t work with Non-Jailbreak iDevice.
* On Windows, Better install .Net Framework 4. As the app is created using VB.
* The COC cheats Tool doesn’t add 9 lakh Gems at Once, it adds little little amounts of Gems to the Games till the Desired amount of GEMS are not obtained in the Game. The whole process can take upto 10 Mins or more in some cases. So, Patience is required. Make sure that your Phones battery is above 40% to avoid any type of Data loss.
* Internet Connection is required. Else the Clash of Clans Hack will exit automatically.


* Allows to Generate any amount of Gold.
* Allows to Generate any amount of Elixir.
* Allows to Generate any amount of Dark Elixir.
* Allows to Generate any amount of Green Gems.
* The Hack is totally safe to use, we’ve tried it many times on our Android and iOS Devices and we’re not Banned from the Game. The Hack is totally Undetectable.
* When ever an update will be out for our COC Cheats, the Clash of Clan Hack tool will automatically Download and Install updates. So, your Clash of Clans Hack will never get outdated and will work with Latest Clash of Clans Update.
* The COC Cheat supports both Android and iOS Devices. Works properly with Latest Android 5 Lollipop and iOS 8.1.2 [ USB Debugging must be turned ON in Android and iOS should be Jailbroken ]
* Supports Windows 7 / 8 and 8.1 . The MAC version of the tool is on his way. But the release date is not yet Decided for the MAC version of the Clash of Clans Hack.


* Download our COC Cheat tool. Our Cheat Tool is Virus FREE, here is VIRUS TOTAL Scan.
* Place the .zip File on your Desktop. After extraction of the .zip file, you’ll obtain 1 Folder containing 5 Files.
* Run the “Clash of Clans Hack by AMH.exe” file.
* Now connect your Device with the Computer using USB. [Bluetooth is not Preferred]
* Select the Operating System of your Mobile. [ Android / iOS ] and Click “DETECT“
* Once the Device is Detected you can start the process of Adding Resources to your Game. Enter Desired amount of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems you want and click on “MAGiC“.
* Now leave the Mobile for some time and go get some Coffee. Once the Process is done, your Clash of Clans account will have your desired amount of Resources.

Note :- We’ll Add a How-to-Video Soon.

Now you’ve the Power to be the Number 1 Player in Clash of Clans, Upgrade your Town Hall, Troops and show them to your Friends. I’m sure they will ask you to donate some troops to them. haha xD


Please Share this Clash of Clans Hack with others. Once Done, the Download Button will be Unlocked automatically. We’ve done months of Hard Work on this Tool, it will take just few seconds to share and support our Work. Thank you.

NOTE :- If you Like the game, then Support the Developers. We don’t say that use our Clash of Clans Hack. If you Download and use our Clash of Clans Cheats then you’re doing this on your own wish. We’re not a part of SuperCell , We’re just a Team of Game Hackers. After Developing Clash of Clans Hack we can say that “EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE” only “IF YOU TRY”.

If you’ve any Questions about our Clash of Clash Hack , then Feel free to Comment down below. We’ll like to hear your feedback.

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