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I’ve got some fun new work to share today! I’ve just added some new wedding thank you notes to my shop – these are personalized and feature a fun typography poster style with a chevron background. Even better yet I have some news about offering these in free printable form (more details at the end of the post).

I’d also like to share some tips today about how you can make writing out your wedding thank you notes more enjoyable, and fun for your guests to receive.

But first – I’d love to show you the latest thank you notes, now available in my shop (each design is available in 18 colors).

1). The first tip begins even before you sit down to write out your notes. If you have a get together the day after your wedding where family and friends gather for the gift opening, have a member of your wedding party take down information about each gift in list form (ie. what it is, who it’s from and any fun notes). That way, when you sit down to write your wedding thank you notes you’ll be organized and have some inspiration to get you started.

2). Make them personal. I think the toughest part about writing out thank you’s is you’re often faced with a stack to send, limited time and inevitably, writer’s block too. Take a few minutes and remember your wedding day and the days leading up to it. You’ll find yourself remembering all kinds of nice things – family members who helped you out, friends who calmed your nerves, fun events where you were so happy to have everyone together. Bring your guests with you down memory lane as you write out your wedding thank you notes – when they receive your card it will bring them back to that special time you had together.

3). Let them know why the gift they gave you is significant. These days wedding registries can’t be avoided – and sometimes this can feel impersonal for your guests.¬†As you’re writing out your thank you notes, this is a great opportunity to let them know why the particular item they gave is special to you. Maybe you can’t wait to make a lasagna in the beautiful dish they purchased or you can let them know about the cakes you plan to make using the mix master they gave you.

4). Make plans for the future. Writing out your wedding thank you notes is a great opportunity to re-connect with everyone who attended your wedding. While you may not have been able to spend as much time as you might have liked with each guest on your wedding day, you can make plans for the future. This can be even more fun if you are able to incorporate their gift – ie. “I’d love to make dinner some time for both of you with the sushi set you gifted us!”

5). Be sincere. Sometimes, you will really be at a loss for words. That’s totally understandable, and it’s better just to keep those cards short and sweet then to write things you don’t feel.

6). Pace yourself. The best way to ensure that your wedding thank you notes are enjoyable to write and to receive – don’t attempt to write them all out in one sitting. Instead, sit down on a couple of occasions to write them. This will keep them fresh and fun.

And without further ado – I’d like to share these notes as a free printable with you today too! You can find them over on the

– they’re available in 21 different colors. Be sure to take a peek around on their site, you’ll find tons of amazing printables.

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