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7 Simple Tips To FineTune Your Twitter Account And Attract New Customers

Promoting your product on Twitter can help you grow your customer base quickly. However, you need to avoid promoting your product too much, as people are not going to like seeing your blatant product pitch too often. Thus, it is a good idea for you to use proper strategy to promote your product on Twitter. Here are 7 simple tips to fine-tune your Twitter account and attract new customers to your business:

1. Do Not Promote Your Product Directly

It is better for you to avoid promoting your product directly on Twitter. Not only that it will make your business look bad, it will also make people ignore you. Who wants to be fed with ads after ads on Twitter every day? Certainly no one will do. So, it is better to launch an indirect product promotion on Twitter, such as by hosting events, contests, giving away discounts, and so on. It will be more effective to attract more customers to your business.

2. Always Track Your Progress

It is so easy to tweet something on Twitter, and you can do it in a flash. In only takes about 2 minutes to write a tweet and publish it on your timeline. But, what is not easy is to determine whether your audience respond well to your tweet or not. That’s why it is always better for you to track your progress, so that you can monitor the result of your Twitter marketing campaign. How many people retweet your tweet? How many people respond to your tweet by mentioning you? How many people click through your link? Those are the things that you should track.

3. Host a Twitter Q&A Session

You should be active on Twitter and communicate with your followers well. You should even encourage communication if your followers seem to ignore your tweet most of the time. That’s why it might be a good idea for you to host a Twitter Q&A session. This will allow your audience to ask about anything that they want to know regarding your product, and you can answer their questions accordingly. This is a good way to build positive communication with your audience on Twitter.

4. Give Away Exclusive Product To Your Followers

Make your Twitter followers feel special by giving them exclusive product that is not available for your regular audience. This will not only encourage people to follow you on Twitter, but this will also make them want to engage more with you. Why? That’s because they will expect more things to come from you. Of course, this will help you to build positive impression for your business.

5. Have a Professional Profile Page

Think of your profile page on Twitter as your landing page for your business. People will see your profile page first before they decide to follow you or do business with you. So, having a professional profile page is a must. You need to give the best design for your profile page, and be aware that your timeline matters as well. Avoid tweeting something useless or irrelevant to your Twitter timeline, so that it will always look professional for your audience.

6. Share Useful Content That Will Presell Your Product

What should you do to promote your product effectively on Twitter? There is one thing that you must definitely do in order to do it. You need to share useful content that will help to presell your product. Yes, you hear it right. You don’t need to promote your product directly, but you can always tweet something that will help your audience to feel curious about your product. This is the right way to attract attention toward your business on Twitter.

7. Focus More On Branding Rather Than Product Promotion

Instead of trying to promote your product over and over again, you should focus more on branding. Branding is important because it will help you to build your business reputation. The bigger your business reputation, the better your business will be. So, you should focus on building your brand on Twitter and make your audience to notice it more and more.

So, if you are using Twitter as a marketing platform for your business, you should follow those tips in order to promote your product and grow your customer base.

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