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7 Reasons To Start A Blog

There are a lot of blogs out there and the number is increasing each day. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few of them and probably following a handful for regular reading. Since you are now interested in blogs, did it ever cross your mind to try it?

Blogging is easy; anybody who has basic knowledge of using a computer can do it. So it is not how you can do it, but it’s the reason behind doing it. Why do people have to spend their time sharing their thoughts using an online blog? Why do people get out of their way to provide good content for readers they haven’t even met in person? The following 7 points are given to answer those questions:

1. For self expression.  A blog can be their breather in expressing their true emotions. People can express their sentiments and disappointments in their write ups over and over again. They can tackle hot issues and have discussions with their readers whenever they want to. They can use their right to speak freely without thinking if their readers would like it or not (they can log-out anyway).

2. To stay connected. We applaud the works of the internet because relatives and buddies are in touch even if they are miles apart. Through blogs, they can share photos and life experiences with others. No one is singled out because they can always visit the blog for any updates.

3. To help one another. Bloggers can create a special link with someone who has the same undertakings and activities in life. Also, bloggers can uplift each other when they are both undergoing pain, be it feelings or wellness concerns. Through blog interaction, they can help each other out by giving advice and sharing their experiences.

4. Share your expertise. Blogs are full of information. People who blog professionally usually have a lot of information to share in their field of expertise. Businessmen can write about their vision while fashion blog posts can share their styles. They share their knowledge and experience to readers.

5. To record their special memories.  Parents blog regarding their family so that their children can bring back special memories again and again even if they grow up. It’s the modern version of the family photo album. A few consider to do personal blogs for the same purpose. Blogs are like online journals anyway, so it’s just normal for people to chronicle their lives in it.

6. Used for ads.  Anyone who have items for sale (or sell second hand items) create blogs so that people will be aware of their product. A blog is a useful tool for promotion since the blogger can greatly discuss the product. Usually, a blogger writes reviews or recommends a product on a blog. Pictures and actual feedback about a product usually helps in selling.

7. To generate income.  Right, it’s for real. Blogging can generate income. Besides product selling via blog, bloggers can also produce income through ads that are placed on their blog. They can also accept payment for sponsored blog posts.

By writing articles or blog posts, a blogger is able to share what’s in his mind with the rest of the world. So what’s taking you so long? Better hurry and make your own blog now!

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