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Fasting to Lose Weight

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I don’t know about you, but the mere thought of going on yet another diet is enough to depress me. Starving yourself on rabbit food and going though the disappointment of dropping like 2 lbs after 3 weeks is hardly the way to get your “sexy” back.

When I first heard of fasting to lose weight I was naturally skeptical. As someone whose done the detoxes and colon cleanses I just kinda blew it off as another FAD. However, when one of my readers Angie told me about her results I just had to try it…and as most of you know my results have been amazing.

Intermittent fasting is a very simple concept and the program is based on an exhaustive study on fasting for weight loss. In a nutshell, this fasting plan increases the hormones responsible for burning fat.

Unlike diets, there’s no “special” meal plans. You eat what you want and simply fast for very short periods. By creating calorie deficits you lose weight without any of the horrors of conventional diets.

Although I lost more than 11 pounds in the first 2 weeks its not all that simple. At first the fasting was a bit of a challenge and it definitely takes a bit of getting used. Its NOT as easy as some people will sell it. However, if you consider the fact that I am losing weight quickly while still enjoying meals with my family and friends then its so worth it.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes! Its working wonders for me and thousands of people are using this “secret” method for losing weight fast. This really is the easy way to lose fat without the shackles of a diet.


There are 3 things we all need to stay alive. Oxygen, water and food. Of the 3, food is the least important and even though we can go weeks without food we cannot go more than day without water or even a couple of minutes without oxygen.

The reason why most people re overweight is very simple. We eat more than we should. Losing weight is an equally simple formula: eat les calories than you burn. This is what conventional diets all try without much success. They try to limit your calorie intake slowly and gradually BUT this is also where it FAILS.

In his exhaustive study on the possibilities of fasting to lose weight, Brad Pilon researched how and when the body burns calories. After you eat you body uses that food for fuel. Only when that fuel is used up will it start burning excess calories (stored as fat). The problem Brad found was that most people never reach that level where their bodies start burning excess fat.

This is where fasting comes in. The principal is very simple. By fasting for short periods of time, you allow you body to reach this fat burning stage. Because you are only fasting for short periods of time you never really experience any real hunger or expose yourself to the dangers of long term fasting.

One of the main reasons why weight loss fasting works is because it actually stimulates the fat burning hormones that most diets never trigger. If done in a controlled way and by following a very calculated plan you can lose weight quickly without going on a diet at all. You are simply using your body’s natural ability to burn fat. Its safe, its healthy and most of all it works.


With all the TV shows and magazines stuffing the latest FAD diets down our throats its refreshing to find something that actually works. Fasting is by no means a “miracle cure” for losing weight quickly, but it is a method that’s been proven to work.

FAD diets are incredibly unhealthy. They deprive your body from vital vitamins and nutrients and usually those who do lose weight with it eventually fall back to their old ways – only to gain even more weight back.

Fasting is not at all what you think it is. Its originally a spiritual practice and many religions promote fasting as a way to purify the body. By purifying the body, the mind and the spirit gets cleansed. What many dedicated spiritual students noticed hundreds of years ago was the immense health benefits of fasting and that losing weight was a side effect.

You don’t need to buy into any of the spiritual benefits to use fasting to lose weight. Its not about giving up on food and starving yourself until you are thin and slim.

This is what most people think it is and that’s often why they don’t even attempt it.

The correct term for it should be intermitted fasting. We are only fasting for short periods of time. But why does this work? Well, there are several reasons. The first being that you actually give your body and your digestive system a break and in the process it gets a chance to “catch up” and actually cleanse your body properly. Often people lose a couple of pounds of pure gunk that’s been building up inside.

Secondly, fasting to lose weight is based on the most fundamental principal of weight loss. You have to burn more calories than you consume. It is the ONLY way to lose weight and during a fast you do just that.

Apart from different time-frames for your fast, there’s also different types of fasting. A water fast is basically a fasting period where you would only drink water while a juice fast will focus on different juices to help you during the fast. A juice fast can be extremely powerful as certain juice combination can help speed up the elimination of fat and the cleansing of your body.

Fasting is an easy way to lose weight quickly. You only have to do it once or twice a week and it really does not take all that much will power. Its also a healthy dieting option and will leave you feeling great. No annoying (and weird) foods to prepare and no strenuous exercise regimes. Just a proven method that is hundreds of years old.

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