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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

The headband firmly placed around my head, I have to follow orders. My other option, a rather painful and gruesome death, which quite frankly would put a real downer on my day. Having to protect the girl that gave me the order through most of the city was no easy[…]

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Epic Wii Games to Come: Epic Mickey

Going into E3, I never fathomed leaving it most excited about a Wii title. Part of this is that I knew generally what Nintendo had to offer this year, apart from a few secrets, but mostly because of the letdown of Nintendo’s performance at the conference last year. This year,[…]

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The Power of Combining Energies

In working with so many people and being a part of their journey gives me something I truly can share energetically with a client. Being an EFT practitioner gives me a front row seat in being a part of miracle after miracle. I have seen hundreds of people release pain[…]

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