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Dungeon Village – [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Welcome a new mayor to the dungeon village in , let’s build the city of dream where all heroes must be stopped and visit the city. Building facilities such as a weapon shop, training ground to empower heroes in this village. Once all gears are ready, let the heroes explore[…]

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Amazon Tablets To Compete In Android Market

Amazon rumors of their coming “Hollywood” 9 inch tablet continue and it is looking as though they will arrive in September or October to enter the market. The question now is who are they going to be competing against and there is talk of the iPad. It seems that just[…]

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GCSEs to be Scrapped?

 Michael Gove, Education Secretary recently said that: “Heads have told us that the current league table system incentivises weak schools to push students towards soft subjects and easier exams. Parents and students have told us that there are weaknesses with current GCSEs, which privilege bite-sized learning over deep understanding, gobbets[…]

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How to Activate Your iPhone

Now that you’ve brought yourself an Apple iPhone, activation is easier than other PDAs and even cellphones with an online opportunity. Apple and AT T; offer an efficient and speedy activation process, letting you get started with your new toy (ahem) ‘business necessity’ in a flash. The moment you pull[…]

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